The Education Transformation Fund

New Mexico’s students, teachers, and families won a historic victory when the First Judicial Court declared that New Mexico’s public education system is not sufficient under the state constitution. The court has ordered the state to make sweeping changes to our schools and to no longer starve them of resources. This is a watershed moment – let’s seize this opportunity to transform our schools for all of our children.

The New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty needs your support as we defend against the state’s appeal of the court’s decision. We are also working together with hundreds of educators, advocates, tribal leaders, and families to ensure the state develops a comprehensive education plan that provides culturally and linguistically relevant curricula, enhances teacher supports, and promotes proven, research-based programs such as universal pre-kindergarten and more.

Will you partner with us by making a contribution to the Center’s Education Transformation Fund today? Our immediate goal is to raise $25,000.

Learn more about this landmark lawsuit and what it means for New Mexico’s schools here: