The Sanabria Family

Gloria Sanabria lives in Anthony with her husband Julio Delgado and their three children, Julio Jr., Daniel, and Veronica Delgado who are 12, 11, and 9-years old respectively. Gloria works as a homecare giver, and Julio, is a rancher and caretaker of horses. Their children go to Berino Elementary School in the Gadsden Independent School District.

Gloria’s children don’t have the help they need to succeed in school, because their school district lacks resources. Gloria and Julio are very involved in their children’s education, but they can’t fill the schools’ gaps on their own.

At home, Gloria’s family speaks both Spanish and English, and her children are in bilingual education programs. Julio Jr. and Daniel both still have trouble with academic work in English. Gloria has tried to get tutoring for their sons in math and reading, but their school has not been able to provide any. She also asked about academic summer programs for them, but none were available.

Julio Jr. has been diagnosed with ADHD. Gloria is extremely concerned about his behavior and his teachers’ negative reaction to him. Gloria has asked the school principal about in-school counseling services for his condition. None has ever been provided.
Gloria’s daughter Veronica has Microcephaly, a birth defect causing an infant’s head to be smaller than expected. Gloria tried to get Veronica tested for special education services since she was in kindergarten. It took more than three years for the school to finally test and place her in the program that Veronica needs to learn.

Gloria’s children have not received the support they need in school. She worries that her daughter, after years of not being properly supported, will never be able to catch up. She worries her sons are being shortchanged the education that would help them succeed.

The Sanabria’s are the named plaintiffs being represented by the Center on Law and Poverty in their suit against the State of New Mexico. They are just one of countless families across the state who are struggling to ensure that their children receive the education to which they are entitled.