Access to Quality, Affordable Healthcare

Healthcare coverage for all New Mexicans – Despite significant progress in recent years, more than 180,000 New Mexicans are still uninsured, mainly because health insurance costs are still too high. New Mexico could address the affordability problem by leveraging a popular and trusted public healthcare plan–Medicaid. We are advocating for an innovative Medicaid Buy-in plan that would allow New Mexicans who do not qualify for Medicaid now to purchase a state plan that offers comprehensive medical services at a more affordable price than private insurance. Learn more about NM Together for Healthcare, coordinated by the Center and our community partners and families, at:

Removing barriers to Medicaid – The Center regularly identifies and resolves barriers to accessing Medicaid, using our expertise in Medicaid law, administration, and regulations. We focus especially on increasing enrollment in Medicaid and access to necessary medical services for communities that experience disproportionate barriers, including Native American and immigrant communities.

Sustaining Medicaid funding and preventing cuts – Medicaid is a cornerstone of our healthcare system, serving more than 800,000 New Mexicans, but it has repeatedly been a target for cuts at the state and national levels. The Center advocates to ensure that our state legislature adequately funds the Medicaid program and avoids cuts to eligibility or services. We also monitor and respond to federal threats to cut Medicaid and that would undermine access to healthcare for low-income New Mexicans.

To learn how to apply for Medicaid, please visit our page How to Apply for Public Benefits.

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