Santa Fe Public Schools

Santa Fe Public Schools have attempted to make due with ever increasing funding gaps over the years. This has led to strained curriculum, outdated textbooks, reduced honors classes, little to no extracurriculars and more.

The district’s PreK programs are not sufficiently funded to meet the demand for full-day classes and lack special educators, social workers, counselors, etc. that are crucial to building a strong foundation for the state’s youngest students.

The district is also unable to pay a living wage to its teachers, which makes is extremely difficult to recruit and retain them in Santa Fe where costs of living are high compared to the rest of the state.

The district serves the area of Santa Fe and the neighboring communities with three high schools, three combined high/middle schools, three middle schools, and 21 elementary schools. In the 2015-2016 school year, it served 13,489 students.

Demographics (from the New Mexico Public Education Department 2016 District Report Card)
• 78.2 percent Hispanic
• 2.2 percent Native American
• 75.2 percent low-income
• 23 percent English Language Learners (ELL)