Moriarty-Edgewood Public Schools

Lack of funding from the State has made it difficult for the Moriarty-Edgewood Public Schools to meet the needs of its students.

In recent years, the district has been forced to cut a large number of their courses, including AP classes due to funding shortfalls. These include: AP Physics, AP calculus, business math, probability and statistics, bilingual US history and geography, enriched science classes and more.

The district also lacks the staff to provide adequate support for students. In recent years, an elementary school had four elementary classrooms that had one teacher for the whole grade. The class sizes ranged from 25-37. The district does not even have a college and career counselor.

The district also lacks basic educational tools such as textbooks its students.

In 2000-2001, the enrollment in the district peaked at about 4,800, and today the enrollment is 2,500.

Demographics (from the 2016 School District Report Card)
• 49.9 percent Caucasian
• 45.8 percent Hispanic
• 57 percent low-income
• 4.4 percent ELL
• 1.8 percent Native American

The district has stopped applying for the Perkins grant, a federal grant for career and technical education, because it is not worth the time and effort for what little money it can provide.