Fair Wages

Everyone who works for a living should be able to raise a family and pay their bills. After a long and challenging fight, and a decade of stagnant wages, hard working New Mexicans will finally get a raise. Workers from across New Mexico successfully mobilized in support of a wage increase this 2019 legislative session. Starting in January 2020, the state minimum wage will be raised to $9 an hour and increase annually until reaching $12 an hour in 2023. This will directly impact 150,000 workers in our state—nearly 20% of the workforce. The Center gave expert testimony on the wage increase during the session and will monitor the increase to ensure employers are implementing the law fairly. 


However some workers are excluded from these basic wage guarantees. The Center seeks to include more workers like youth, dairy workers, packers, and other agricultural workers who are left out of these fundamental protections. 

In the 2019 legislative session, with workers and worker organizing groups, we helped pass legislation that ended the outdated and discriminatory exclusion of domestic and home care workers from our state wage law. As a result tens of thousands of workers who do some of the hardest and most important work like caring for others’ loved ones and cleaning houses are now included in New Mexico’s minimum wage standards and other wage protections.