Instruction, Pre-K, and Social Service Programs

Research has shown that students do best when their health and nutritional needs are met, and they have the time and opportunities to learn. The court found New Mexico has successful programs that close the educational achievement gap – but the state fails to provide all students access to these programs.

  • Ensure all children have access to quality Pre-K: Universally offer Pre-K to 4-year old children and half-day options for 3-year old children, and ensure it is culturally and linguistically relevant.
  • Increase instruction & learning opportunities: Offer K-5 Plus, summer, after-school and literacy programs.  Our schools need smaller class sizes, relevant curriculum, instructional materials and technology, and enrichment programs.
  • Provide comprehensive social services: Provide access to nurses, counselors and social workers in all schools, ensuring culturally and linguistically responsive services. Support the Community Schools model that actively engages parents and the larger community.