Immigrants Rights and Public Benefits

Immigrant Access to Public Benefits Programs 
Immigrants are part of the cultural, civic, and economic fabric of New Mexico. One in ten New Mexicans is an immigrant, and one in nine have immigrant parents. Immigrant families provide essential and critical contributions to our economy, labor force, and tax base yet  face unfair barriers to programs that help families with basic needs. 

The Center has provided advocacy for over a decade to improve the public benefits program for immigrant families. We have expertise on the complex rules that determine whether immigrants are eligible for each program, and we provide information to help community members and advocates navigate the system. Please call us if you have any questions about your eligibility for a program below.

Many immigrants qualify for public benefits in New Mexico:
Overview of all programs and who qualifies

Immigrant Eligibility Chart for all Benefits Programs:
English Spanish

See resources below for specific information about available assistance for immigrant families on each program:

Food Assistance
Cash Assistance
Child Care Assistance
Public Charge








Important Rights for Immigrant Families Seeking Benefits

  • If you do not qualify, you can apply and receive benefits for other family members.
  • Immigration status and social security are only required for family members that will receive benefits. For example, children may be able to receive benefits even if their parents do not qualify for the program.
  • Social Security Numbers may not be required to get approved.
  • You have a right to prove household income in different ways and to get assistance if needed.
  • You have a right to get application help in the language you speak. Resource on Language Access Rights: English Spanish
  • Getting benefits will not trigger a public charge test for many immigrants.