Increasing Funding and Promoting Evidence-Based Practices to Improve Student Outcomes

Schools do not have the resources they need to help children succeed. Numerous studies, legislative task forces and committees, and educational experts all agree that funding for public education in New Mexico is insufficient to meet the needs of our students.

We are currently pursuing a major lawsuit to increase state funding for New Mexico’s school operations and direct this funding towards at-risk students. The Center represents several students and their parents in a legal challenge to the sufficiency of our state public education system. The lawsuit asserts that our state government has failed in its constitutional obligation to provide a sufficient education for all children. This failure is evidenced by decades of poor academic outcomes across racial, class, and ethnic demographics.

The Center will be working with co-counsel and plaintiffs to litigate this case over the coming years. If successful, our lawsuit will increase funding for public schools throughout the state and better direct resources to the schools and students most in need, thereby ensuring that every student has an equal and adequate opportunity to succeed in school.

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