Restoring a Fair Workweek

Industries like retail, service, and healthcare provide low-wage, no-benefit jobs to an hourly, part-time workforce. Workers have little control over their schedules, leaving them unable to predict their hours or pay from day to day. The instability of on-call work means employees struggle to make time to complete college degrees, care for children, or hold a second job. This threatens to further harden class boundaries and lessen the health and education of our workforce.

We believe that all workers have the right to a fair workweek, which includes at least one week of earned sick leave per year and predictable, stable, and transparent schedules. An estimated 700,000 New Mexicans would benefit from these reforms. Currently, the Center is working in a coalition of advocates to focus on changing laws in the Albuquerque metro area to ensure that these protections are available to all workers.

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