Cuba Independent School District

A lack of resources from the State has made it impossible for the Cuba Independent School District to adequately serve its students. The district’s student population is more than 60 percent Native American, but it doesn’t have enough funding to fully address their distinct educational needs, particularly with regard to language and culture.

All of the district’s students are negatively impacted by its need to employ long-term substitutes due to a shortage of qualified teachers, the district simply can’t compete with neighboring districts’ salaries and has difficulty recruiting and retaining qualified teachers.

The long distances students must travel for school, deplorable road conditions, and lack of functioning vehicles pose real problems for the district. School buses wear out much more quickly than the district has funding to replace them.

The district is located in Sandoval County and has one elementary school, one middle school and one high school. Student enrollment for the 2016-2017 school year was just under 550 students.

Demographics (from the New Mexico Public Education Department 2016 District Report Card)
• 33.5 percent Hispanic
• 61.1 percent Native American
• 100 percent economically disadvantaged
• 36.4 percent English language learners (ELL)