A Multicultural, Equitable Foundation

At the core of a sufficient and equitable education is multicultural and multilingual learning that responds to the cultures, language and heritages of our diverse student populations. The court found that the state is not meeting its own duties and responsibilities for a multicultural education established in the New Mexico Indian Education Act, Hispanic Education Act, and Bilingual Multicultural Education Act. Research shows a multicultural and multilingual education approach allows students to maintain their language and identity, improving learning and enabling students to do well in school.

  • Collaborate with New Mexico’s tribes and local communities: Ensure our families, tribal leaders, educators and local experts are at the forefront of shaping the education system.
  • Provide multicultural and multilingual learning at all levels: Make structural changes at the Public Education Department (PED) and enforce standards for culturally and linguistically relevant curriculum and instruction.
  • Develop multicultural systems capacity through higher education: Financially support higher education departments to train and develop Native American and bilingual educators, promote language preservation and strengthen multicultural curriculum development.