Native American Budget and Policy Institute

Native American communities deserve to be healthy, educated, and empowered

Indigenous peoples have survived systemic oppressive governmental policies that sought to terminate their languages, cultures, and way of life. Today it is important that laws and policies are informed with a tribal perspective in a new collaborative way.

The Native American Budget and Policy Institute—a project of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center for Health Policy at the University of New Mexico and the New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty—works to move forward to effect change for future generations.

The Institute conducts research, budget and policy analysis, social justice advocacy, and litigation to empower Native American communities to create self-determined and systematic change that will improve their health, education, and economic well-being.

The Institute seeks to forge an unprecedented collaborative pathway to racial equity in New Mexico and across the nation. By working in cooperation with Native American scholars at UNM, graduates of the Pueblo Indian Doctoral Program, as well as with tribal elders, the Institute will coordinate research activity across the state to improve public policy decisions at all levels of government through a Native American lens. The Institute will work in cooperation with the Leadership Institute at the Santa Fe Indian School and utilize the resources available at UNM as well as the expertise of the RWJF Center for Health Policy and the New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty. It will also engage and mentor young Native American researchers and students in a variety of projects.

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