Economic Equity

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All New Mexicans deserve access to economic equity and affordable housing, and our laws should prevent abusive financial practices, predatory loans, or wrongful eviction practices. However, too many New Mexicans encounter these harmful practices every day, extracting resources from our communities and impeding opportunities to build income and assets. 

New Mexico has been experiencing a housing crisis in recent years, with over 43% of tenants unable to afford their rent and homelessness increasing faster than anywhere else in the nation. This dire issue has been exacerbated by the economic fallout of COVID-19. 

At the same time, unregulated predatory lending has trapped thousands of New Mexican families in persistent cycles of high-cost debt. Unscrupulous lenders continue to offer loans with exorbitant interest rates, with no regard for an individual’s ability to repay them. have remained in borrowers’ pockets and spent at local businesses.

Our Advocacy

NMCLP is engaged in systemic advocacy to:

  • Keep families in their homes and prevent homelessness by stopping evictions, protecting tenants’ rights, and creating affordable housing opportunities through rent relief and other measures. 
  • Protect family income from predatory lending by improving enforcement of laws and regulations impacting small loan companies, closing legal loopholes, and compelling high-cost lenders to be more accountable and transparent.  
  • Investigate and address abusive debt collection practices in New Mexico’s courts and municipalities, and resolve other predatory practices that harm families financially.
  • Educate policymakers and communities about New Mexico’s student loan debt crisis, which has resulted in our state having the second highest rate of student loan defaults in the country. 

Our Resources