The New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty…continues to have a profound and positive impact on our poorest and most easily overlooked families… please know that the work you do for this underserved group of people matters very much to me and all members of the Supreme Court.

— Edward Chavez, Chief Justice of the New Mexico Supreme Court

As you know, a law center, such as the New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty, is essential to a healthy civil legal services system. Without it, the participation of low income people in the state’s public policy deliberations and system of justice is handicapped, incomplete, and deeply flawed…New Mexico is fortunate to have a law center that produces excellent work day in and day out, fulfilling its key role with vigor and skill…

— John Bouman, President of the Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law

The Center on Law and Poverty has done more to look after New Mexico systems that are supposed to be doing right by the poor than any other group I know…Frankly, I don’t know what those of us who serve the poor would do without them.

— Angie Vacchio, former Executive Director of PB&J Family Services

Once again, I appreciate your continued willingness to help [Presbyterian Healthcare Services] to fulfill its purpose of improving the health of individuals, families and communities in New Mexico.

— Diane Fisher, Former Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Presbyterian Healthcare Services

The Center on Law and Poverty has been a voice for the community, bringing the community’s input to UNMH, while also providing us with legal analysis, as we work to improve our policies and programs to better serve the poor. Despite having filed suits against the hospital, the Center has been instrumental in working with us to seek solutions that work for everyone. I look forward to working with you in the years ahead…

— Dr. Paul Roth, Executive V.P. of the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center

The Center on Law and Poverty is unlike any other organization in our state. Both an advocacy organization and a law firm, they bring a unique combination of skills and expertise to fix structural problems in the programs and policies that serve the poor. They bring energy, expertise and reliable information to their work with administration officials and legislators. They bring strong legal skills to the negotiating table and the court room. They come to solve problems without blame or rancor, coming instead with plain facts, practical solutions and a willingness to roll up their sleeves and help everyone make the best solutions work. And they are very, very good at this.

— Robert Desiderio, former Executive Director of the Con Alma Health Foundation and former Dean of the UNM School of Law

…certain experts gain respect and admiration for the reliability of their information, their commitment to their issues, and the integrity of their stance. In the area addressing the matters of low-income persons, the New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty is that reliable expert…Their efforts have done much to advance our state’s efforts to improve the quality of life of our poorer citizens.

— New Mexico State Senator, Dede Feldman

The Center on Law and Poverty has been doing outstanding work on behalf of Native Americans, Hispanic and Vietnamese immigrants and other New Mexicans who don’t have access to health care. They helped bring powerful health care interests and disenfranchised communities to the same table and come away with results that had eluded everybody for a long time.

— Norman Ration, Executive Director of the National Indian Youth Council