Christy Chapman

Staff Attorney - Native American Budget and Policy Institute

Christy Chapman (Zuni Pueblo) joined the Native American Budget and Policy Institute in May 2019 to help empower Native communities to address education, health and economic sovereignty, and child welfare. As part of her work, Ms. Chapman employs her skills as a Peacemaker, using indigenous knowledge in dispute resolution to address issues as an alternative to the adversarial court process. 

Prior to joining NABPI, she worked both as a nurse in her Pueblo and clerked for a trial attorney. She also worked at Law Access New Mexico, assisting clients with landlord/tenant issues, and with the UNM Indigenous Design and Planning Institute (iDPi) to draft the Economic Development in Indian Country/Community Regional Planning report for Zuni MainStreet, which encourages revitalization of the Zuni local economy while continuing to preserve its unique traditional elements.

J.D. from University of New Mexico School of Law 

BS from the University of New Mexico College of Nursing