Our Story

Our Mission

Our mission is to advance economic and social justice through education, advocacy, and litigation. We work with low-income New Mexicans to improve living conditions, increase opportunities, and protect the rights of people living in poverty. 

We envision a New Mexico that is vibrant with opportunities, and where all people’s human rights—including for food, housing, healthcare, a living wage, education, and equal access to justice—are met.

We recognize that economic injustices and poverty are rooted in historical, racial, and structural inequity. Our focus is always on achieving long-term, system wide changes in laws, programs, and policies that promote justice and fairness,  and respect the dignity of all people.

Our Strategies

We work with our communities to advance change in the courts, the legislature and our public institutions through a multi-pronged approach.


  • Partner with community members, advocates, and tribal leaders to identify systemwide issues.
  • Work together to advance a movement that promotes economic justice, education, and the health and well-being of our children and families.

Education (Trainings and Communications)

  • Publicize laws and policies that have an impact on poverty in New Mexico. 
  • Provide quality information, trainings, and “know your rights” materials to community members, local leaders, advocates, and direct service providers. 
  • Please see our training page for more information.

Policy Advocacy (Legislative and Administrative)

  • Conduct in-depth research and analysis on laws, policies, and programs and investigate solutions to systemic problems. 
  • Track and analyze legislation and provide expert testimony and information for public officials and policymakers at the Legislature as well as state agencies and public institutions. 

Litigation and Legal Representation

  • Represent clients in the courts and administrative hearings to address systemwide injustice and discrimination.
  • Conduct impact litigation to enforce rights and hold the state accountable to following the law.

Monitoring for Enforcement

  • Engage in ongoing monitoring to ensure that changes to laws and policies are successfully in place for the long-term.