Understanding Your Rights to Healthcare

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You may be able to get health insurance for low cost or no cost. Apply today!

MEDICAID: Call 1-855-637-6574 or visit this website to apply online, get paper applications, or see a list of local Medicaid offices. If you don’t qualify for Medicaid, your application will automatically be sent to the Exchange.

EXCHANGE: Call 1-855-99-NMHIX or visit this website to apply online or find an enrollment counselor that can help you enroll.


Our Resources

Health Insurance Options

Requirement to Get Health Insurance

Visit this IRS website for more information on how to file your taxes and claim exemptions from the mandate to get health insurance.

Native Americans

Immigrant Families

In-Depth Resources for Agencies

Visit the website ObamacareFacts.com for updated, in depth, and user friendly information about the changes from healthcare reform.


Our Trainings

Looking for more information? The Center gives trainings to build awareness about healthcare coverage and how to get enrolled. We have presented to healthcare clinics and outreach workers, community groups, social service agencies, universities, tribal leaders and providers, and many others. Topics include healthcare reform, Medicaid, Native American healthcare, immigrant rights to healthcare, and more. Please call us at (505) 255-2840 or email contact@nmpovertylaw.org. We provide presentations in English or Spanish to groups of 15 or more people. If you would like to give these presentations in your community, please contact us and we can provide PowerPoint slides and other information that you may need.