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One of the goals of the New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty is to be a resource to direct service providers, other advocates, and the community in which we work. We hope to empower other organizations with accurate and up-to-date information so they can better serve their clients. We also work to ensure that low-income families are better informed, have more tools at their disposal, and have increased capacity to assert their rights.

In this section, you will find information on:

How to Apply for Public Benefits: Accessing healthcare, food or cash assistance, or other public benefits can be a complex process. This guide will answer many of the basic questions about how to apply.

Understanding Your Rights to Healthcare: You may be able to obtain health insurance for low or no cost. Learn how to apply on this page.

How to Find Legal Help: Do you have a specific civil (non-criminal) legal question or dispute? Search our list of civil legal service providers to find the best agency to fit your needs.

Our Complete Library of Resources: Search this library for up-to-date toolkits, factsheets, and other informational materials.

How to Request a Training: The Center provides trainings, presentations, technical assistance, and outreach to a variety of audiences on our advocacy issues. Visit this page to learn how to request a training for your group.