Our Work

Public Benefits

  • Advocate for changes in SNAP, TANF, General Assistance, and Medicaid that will maximize eligibility and benefits, leverage additional federal dollars, increase enrollment in the Programs, and improve their effectiveness.

Access to Healthcare by Indigent New Mexicans

      Improve access to health care for the uninsured and low-income people of New Mexico by protecting and improving


      , New Mexico

hospital charity care programs

      , and healthcare

access for off-reservation Native Americans



  • Improve conditions for people living in the Pajarito Mesa and, by doing so, establish a model of systemic and legal advocacy that can be adapted for use in any of the impoverished colonias in the Southwest.

Farmworker Rights

  • Advocate for changes to the NM Workers’ Compensation Act to include farmworkers in mandatory coverage.


Addressing the root causes of New Mexico’s education challenges.

Improve the State System of Legal Services Available to the Poor

  • Develop New Mexico’s system for providing civil legal services for low-income New Mexicans by working to increase funding for nonprofit providers of legal services and by providing trainings for public interest attorneys.