Outreach, education and training are important components of many of the Center on Law and Poverty’s projects.

Our goal is to ensure that New Mexicans know their rights, and that the community and clients have the tools they need to access the public benefits programs, as well as other services and supports to which they are entitled.

We regularly offer information and training to advocates, community leaders, public interest lawyers, direct service providers, and New Mexicans trying to access services. Our trainings cover changes in laws and policies that impact New Mexicans living in poverty, particularly around the public benefits programs. We help advocates and service providers understand the law and their clients’ eligibility for and legal rights to services. We also provide information regarding the common barriers clients encounter and how to overcome them.

Materials provided at some of these trainings are available in the Center Resources section of this website.

Currently, we are conducting trainings about the public benefits programs in general, and immigrants’ eligibility for public benefits in particular. We are also training farm and ranch laborers about their wage and hour rights, and keeping them informed about the status of our campaign to secure their right to workers’ compensation coverage when they are injured on the job.

If you are interested in having the Center give a presentation to your group, or organization, please contact the office manager at (505) 255-2840 or by email at:  Please note that we can only arrange trainings for groups of 10 or more people