Action Alert – Ask governor to sign bill ensuring domestic workers are protected by New Mexico’s wage protections!

Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham has until noon Friday to sign a bill into law that ensures home care and domestic workers—the people who clean homes and deliver care for others—are protected by New Mexico’s minimum wage standards and other wage protections.

Please call her TODAY and ask her to sign Senate Bill 85, Domestic Service in Minimum Wage Act

There is nothing more important than taking care of New Mexico’s children, elderly, and family members with disabilities. SB 85 eliminates outdated, discriminatory practices in New Mexico so people doing some of the toughest jobs, like caring for others’ loved ones and working in our homes, are treated fairly and can seek recourse when they are not.

SB 85 ends the exemptions for domestic workers from New Mexico’s wage laws—as has already been done at the federal level.

Domestic workers have been left out of many labor protections throughout history, and typically have very few options when they’re not paid. If SB 85 is signed into law, domestic and home care workers will be covered by New Mexico’s wage laws, and the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions can investigate their complaints, enforce their rights, and recover their wages and damages.

Call the governor now at (505) 476-2200 and tell her that ALL workers deserve to be treated fairly and to please sign SB 85.


Stephanie Welch

New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty Workers’ Rights Supervising Attorney